*** AEDs & Defibrillators ***

AEDs & Defibrillators
Codemaster XL-P

AEDs & Defibrillators: Codemaster XL-P

REFURBISHED Manual MONOPHASIC Defibrillator; External pacing,sync,Adult and Pediatric use

Price: $1,495.00

AEDs & Defibrillators
Heartsine AED

AEDs & Defibrillators: Heartsine AED

DOLLARS FOR DEFIBS Promo!!! Call or e-mail us for promotional pricing information.

Price: $1,195.00

AEDs & Defibrillators
Heartstart Onsite

AEDs & Defibrillators: Heartstart Onsite

Philips Heartstart Onsite AED with carry case and one set of pads

Price: $1,395.00

AEDs & Defibrillators
Heartstart XL Defib/AED combo unit

AEDs & Defibrillators: Heartstart XL Defib/AED combo unit

NEW-BIPHASIC Defibrillator with AED, Sync, Pacing

Call For Pricing

AEDs & Defibrillators
Lifepak 12

AEDs & Defibrillators: Lifepak 12


Price: $4,550.00

*** Blood Draw Chairs ***

Blood Draw Chairs
Winco 2571

Blood Draw Chairs: Winco 2571

Basic Blood Drawing Chair with sturdy steel frame. Comes in Black ONLY.

Price: $268.00

Blood Draw Chairs
Winco 2575

Blood Draw Chairs: Winco 2575

XL Bariatric WIDE; Weight limit 450#; Padded vinyl seat, choice of colors

Price: $456.00

Blood Draw Chairs
Winco 2578

Blood Draw Chairs: Winco 2578

Manual adjustable height-Padded Vinyl Seat- Choice of Colors

Price: $470.00

Blood Draw Chairs
Winco 2587

Blood Draw Chairs: Winco 2587

Power height adjust; Solid Fiberglass seat; One color

Price: $1,269.00

Blood Draw Chairs
Winco 2588

Blood Draw Chairs: Winco 2588

Power height adjust, Padded seat, choice of colors; Price includes optional side tray

Price: $1,369.00

*** Carts ***

Blickman CCC4

Carts: Blickman CCC4

Space Saving Closed Case Cart; Stainless Steel

Price: $2,723.00

Economy Cart- 5 Drawer

Carts: Economy Cart- 5 Drawer

Economy Cart, 5 Drawer, Key Lock

Price: $549.00

Malignant Hyperthermia

Carts: Malignant Hyperthermia

MH Cart with Built-In Refrigerator

Price: $2,298.00

Small 2 Drawer

Carts: Small 2 Drawer

mobile 2 drawer cart

Price: $467.00

Suture Storage Cart

Carts: Suture Storage Cart

Double Sided Suture Storage

Price: $1,507.00

Suturing Cart

Carts: Suturing Cart

Cart with Drawers and Cabinet for suture storage

Call For Pricing

*** Chart Carts ***

Chart Carts
10 Binder Capacity

Chart Carts: 10 Binder Capacity

Mobile Chart Cart 10 binder capacity Steel construction

Price: $229.00

Chart Carts
20 Binder Capacity

Chart Carts: 20 Binder Capacity

Mobile Chart Cart 20 binder capacity Steel Construction Optional Locking door (extra)

Price: $301.00

Chart Carts
30 Binder with LOCK

Chart Carts: 30 Binder with LOCK

Mobile Chart Cart, Large 30 binder capacity, Comes with door and LOCK for records security HIPAA Compliant

Price: $559.00

*** Crash Carts ***

Crash Carts
Battery Powered Suction

Crash Carts: Battery Powered Suction

NEW- Portable Battery or AC power suction unit

Price: $375.00

Crash Carts
Code Cart

Crash Carts: Code Cart

Standard Steel Code Cart with breakaway plastic tab locks

Price: $1,550.00

Crash Carts
Defibrillators and AED's

Crash Carts: Defibrillators and AED's

Please go to AED's and Defibrillators to review these products

Call For Pricing

*** Dopplers ***

Bidirectional Surgical Doppler

Dopplers: Bidirectional Surgical Doppler

Single Frequency Bidirectional; Displays blood flow direction for vein mapping and vascular procedures.

Call For Pricing

Medical Doppler

Dopplers: Medical Doppler

Vascular Dopplers

Call For Pricing

Mini Surgical Doppler

Dopplers: Mini Surgical Doppler

Compact,battery operated; Choose the probe for your specialty

Call For Pricing

Velocity and Volume Flowmeter

Dopplers: Velocity and Volume Flowmeter

Peak and mean velocity waveforms are displayed on the real-time waveform LCD. Directional/bidirectional waveforms.

Call For Pricing

*** EKG ***

Philips Trim III

EKG: Philips Trim III

Interpretative EKG; with/without cart

Call For Pricing

*** Exam Tables ***

Exam Tables
Classic Standard

Exam Tables: Classic Standard

Exam Table Classic Standard 4 Drawers Steel Construction

Price: $1,215.00

Exam Tables
Classic-Reversible Drawers

Exam Tables: Classic-Reversible Drawers

Manual Classic Style Exam Table with Reversible Drawers and pull out step

Price: $1,195.00

Exam Tables
Economy Basic Flat

Exam Tables: Economy Basic Flat

Basic Flat Exam Table- BEST VALUE!! Sturdy Steel Frame Durable Heavy Duty Vinyl

Price: $278.00

Exam Tables
Economy Lift Back- Drawers

Exam Tables: Economy Lift Back- Drawers

Lift-assist adjustable backrest with drawers Sturdy Steel Frame Durable Heavy Duty Vinyl

Price: $739.00

Exam Tables
Economy Lift Back- Shelf

Exam Tables: Economy Lift Back- Shelf

Lift-assist adjustable Back Rest and lower shelf Sturdy Steel Frame Durable Heavy Duty Vinyl

Price: $434.00

Exam Tables
Pediatric with Scale

Exam Tables: Pediatric with Scale

Pediatric Exam Table with Scale and Height Rod; 2 drawers, cabinets

Price: $2,195.00

Exam Tables
Podiatry Chair Power

Exam Tables: Podiatry Chair Power

Power Chair with programmable control; 600 lb weight limit; ADA compliant

Price: $6,595.00

Exam Tables
Power Exam Table

Exam Tables: Power Exam Table

Power table with programmable foot control; ADA compliant; Weight Limit 600#

Price: $9,344.00

Exam Tables

Exam Tables: REFURBISHED Exam Table

Midmark Ritter Exam Tables; Multiple configurations IN STOCK!! Choice of upholstery colors.

Price: $575.00

*** Examination Equipment ***

Examination Equipment
Aneroid BP Unit- Wall Mount

Examination Equipment: Aneroid BP Unit- Wall Mount

wall mount manual blood pressure unit

Price: $104.00

Examination Equipment
Diagnostic Wall Unit

Examination Equipment: Diagnostic Wall Unit

Modular Otoscope, Opthalmoscope, BP Unit, Thermometer, Tongue Blade Light

Call For Pricing

Examination Equipment
Exam Light on Wheels

Examination Equipment: Exam Light on Wheels

Gooseneck Lamp on Wheels; 60 Watt Incandescent

Call For Pricing

Examination Equipment
Exam Light- Basic

Examination Equipment: Exam Light- Basic

adjustable gooseneck style lamp

Price: $188.00

Examination Equipment
Oto/Opthalmoscope Desk Set

Examination Equipment: Oto/Opthalmoscope Desk Set

C-handle otoscope and opthalmoscope rechargable desk set

Price: $614.00

Examination Equipment
Riester Stethoscope Cardiology

Examination Equipment: Riester Stethoscope Cardiology

dual head stainless steel chest piece; Comparable to Littman

Price: $119.00

Examination Equipment
U.V. Woods Light

Examination Equipment: U.V. Woods Light

Hand Held Woods Lampw with magnifier

Price: $330.00

*** IV Poles ***

IV Poles
IV Pole-Chrome

IV Poles: IV Pole-Chrome

Chrome IV Pole 4 legs 2 hooks

Price: $40.00

IV Poles
IV Pole-Steel 5 leg/4 hook

IV Poles: IV Pole-Steel 5 leg/4 hook

Stainless Steel IV Pole 5 legs 4 hooks

Price: $190.00

IV Poles
Lift Assist IV Pole

IV Poles: Lift Assist IV Pole

Lift Assist IV Pole with 8 Hooks; Mechanical crank-style lift.

Price: $912.00

IV Poles
Portable IV Pole

IV Poles: Portable IV Pole

For use with stretchers or with a clark socket on a table rail

Price: $95.00

*** Janitorial & Linen ***

Janitorial & Linen
23 Gallon BEIGE

Janitorial & Linen: 23 Gallon BEIGE

OSHA and Fire Safety Compliant; Step-On Lid Lift

Price: $220.00

Janitorial & Linen
23 Gallon RED

Janitorial & Linen: 23 Gallon RED

OSHA and Fire Safety Compliant; Step-On Lid Lift

Price: $220.00

Janitorial & Linen
Big Biohazard Bin

Janitorial & Linen: Big Biohazard Bin

Big 65 Gallon Locking Biohazard bin on wheels

Price: $380.00

Janitorial & Linen
Hamper Stand with Lid

Janitorial & Linen: Hamper Stand with Lid

Hamper Stand on Wheels With Foot pedal To Raise Lid; Holds 36-42 gallon bags

Call For Pricing

*** Miscellaneous ***

Bedside Commode- Wheeled

Miscellaneous: Bedside Commode- Wheeled

Steel Drop Arm Wheeled Commode with Padded Arm

Call For Pricing


Miscellaneous: Footstool

Chrome footstool

Price: $30.00

Footstool with Handle

Miscellaneous: Footstool with Handle

non-slip with handle for patient stability

Price: $42.00

Oxygen Concentrator

Miscellaneous: Oxygen Concentrator

O2 Concentrator; 93% pure at 5 LPM

Call For Pricing

Oxygen Connector- Swivel

Miscellaneous: Oxygen Connector- Swivel

O2 regulator connector; O2 Christmas Tree; Swivels

Call For Pricing

Oxygen Tank Carry-Bag

Miscellaneous: Oxygen Tank Carry-Bag

O2 Tank Carry Bag; O2 Wheelchair Bag; Long strap for attaching to wheelchair; Handle; For D or E tanks

Call For Pricing

Oxygen Tank Cart

Miscellaneous: Oxygen Tank Cart

O2 Tank Cart on Wheels; Holds 20 E, D, or C cylinders

Call For Pricing

Oxygen Tank Regulator

Miscellaneous: Oxygen Tank Regulator

O2 tank regulator; Click-Style; D or E tanks

Call For Pricing

Oxygen Tank Wrench

Miscellaneous: Oxygen Tank Wrench

O2 tank key, Oxygen Tank Key; For E cylinders

Call For Pricing

Patient Lift with Cradle

Miscellaneous: Patient Lift with Cradle

Hydraulic Patient Lift with 6 Point Cradle

Call For Pricing

Privacy Curtain- Wall Mount

Miscellaneous: Privacy Curtain- Wall Mount

Excellent curtain for small spaces! Telescoping for extra coverage.

Price: $91.00

Privacy Curtain-3 Panel

Miscellaneous: Privacy Curtain-3 Panel

Comes with wheels and stationary no-slide leg tips

Price: $162.00

Privacy Screen- Wide Single

Miscellaneous: Privacy Screen- Wide Single

extra wide single panel on wheels

Price: $107.00

*** Monitors ***

Philips FM30

Monitors: Philips FM30

Fetal Monitor with Maternal Parameters

Call For Pricing

Philips MP5

Monitors: Philips MP5

ECG/Resp, NIBP, SPO2, IBP, Temp, Sidestream CO2, Printer

Call For Pricing

Philips VM4

Monitors: Philips VM4

EKG,SPO2, NIBP, Printer and predictive Welch Allyn Temp.

Call For Pricing

Philips VM6

Monitors: Philips VM6

EKG, SPO2, NIBP, IBP, Temp, Printer

Call For Pricing

Philips VM8

Monitors: Philips VM8

EKG, SPO2, NIBP, Temp, IBP, Printer, Microstream CO2

Call For Pricing

Philips VS3

Monitors: Philips VS3

SPO2, NIBP, Temp, Printer

Call For Pricing

VitalMax 4100G

Monitors: VitalMax 4100G

Anesthestic Gas Monitor ECG, NIBP, SPO2, CO2, 5 gases

Price: $7,895.00

*** Narcotic Cabinets ***

Narcotic Cabinets
High Security Narc Box

Narcotic Cabinets: High Security Narc Box

High Security, Electronic Lock

Price: $921.00

Narcotic Cabinets

Narcotic Cabinets: TNC2

Double Lock, Single Door

Price: $236.00

*** Recliners ***

Winco 585

Recliners: Winco 585

3 position recliner with over lap tray

Price: $371.00

Winco 5900

Recliners: Winco 5900

3 position recliner with side tray

Price: $826.00

Winco 6540XL

Recliners: Winco 6540XL

PACU/Pre-Op/Dialysis/IV/etc recliner. Infinately positionable. Trendelenburg release

Price: $961.00

Winco 6560

Recliners: Winco 6560

Sleek Non-Institutional Design; Infinately adjustable, trendelenburg release

Price: $879.00

Winco 6570XL

Recliners: Winco 6570XL

Drop-down arm rest for easy lateral transfers

Price: $1,325.00

Winco 9051

Recliners: Winco 9051

Bariatric Power Recliner with Stand-Assist Lift

Price: $3,596.00

Winco 9681

Recliners: Winco 9681

Recliner converts to flat stretcher

Price: $1,885.00

*** Rolling Stools ***

Rolling Stools
Short Stool

Rolling Stools: Short Stool

Therapy, Pedicure, Short Stool; 18" fixed height

Call For Pricing

Rolling Stools
Winco 4300

Rolling Stools: Winco 4300

Gas lift rolling stool. Vinyl padded seat (your choice of colors)

Price: $101.00

Rolling Stools
Winco 4350

Rolling Stools: Winco 4350

Gas lift Rolling Stool with Adjustable Backrest. Vinyl padded seat (your choice of colors)

Price: $126.00

Rolling Stools
Winco 4380 Lab Stool

Rolling Stools: Winco 4380 Lab Stool

Gas lift Lab Height Rolling Stool with Backrest

Price: $173.00

*** Scales ***

Adult Balance Beam

Scales: Adult Balance Beam

500lb scale with height rod

Price: $213.00

Adult Digital Scale

Scales: Adult Digital Scale

Eye Level Scale; 500lb capacity; Height Rod

Price: $330.00

Bowl Scale- Digital

Scales: Bowl Scale- Digital

Diaper Scale, Lap Sponge Scale, Fluid Scale; 11 lb

Call For Pricing

Chair Scale- Digital

Scales: Chair Scale- Digital

digital chair scale; 440 #

Call For Pricing

Chair Scale-Balance Beam

Scales: Chair Scale-Balance Beam

balance beam chair scale; 440#

Call For Pricing

Digital Pediatric Scale/Cabinet

Scales: Digital Pediatric Scale/Cabinet

Treatment table/scale; SECA Digital scale and measuring rod; 2 drawers

Price: $2,195.00

Pedi Balance Beam w/Seat

Scales: Pedi Balance Beam w/Seat

Balance Beam scale with baby seat; 130lb weight limit (65 kg)

Price: $343.00

Pediatric Balance Beam

Scales: Pediatric Balance Beam

Flat platform with length ruler; 130lb weight limit (65kg)

Price: $294.00

Wheelchair Ramp- Digital

Scales: Wheelchair Ramp- Digital

Digital Wheelchair Ramp Scale; Dual ramp; 1000 lb

Call For Pricing

*** Stretchers ***

Stretcher Pads

Stretchers: Stretcher Pads

Replacement pads for all brands, makes and models of stretchers

Call For Pricing

Stryker Renaissance

Stretchers: Stryker Renaissance

REFURBISHED General Transport Stretcher;

Price: $2,495.00

Winco Stretchchair S6750

Stretchers: Winco Stretchchair S6750

POWER recliner/stretcher all in one! Bariatric 675lb weight limit!

Price: $8,820.00

*** Suction ***

AC/ DC Suction

Suction: AC/ DC Suction

Battery Back-Up Portable Suction Unit

Price: $375.00

Portable Suction Unit

Suction: Portable Suction Unit

Small portable suction unit; Perfect for code carts or ancillary suction uses.

Price: $230.00

*** Ultrasound ***

Ultrasound Unit

Ultrasound: Ultrasound Unit


Call For Pricing

*** Wheelchairs ***


Wheelchairs: Bariatric

Bariatric Wheelchair with Footrests; Weight Limit 700 lbs; Extra Wide 30" wide seat

Price: $915.00


Wheelchairs: Basic

Standard Wheelchair with Footrests; Weight Limit 250#; 18" wide seat

Price: $149.00


Wheelchairs: Mid-Size

Mid-Size Lightweight with Elevating Leg/Footrests: Weight Limit 300#; 20" wide seat

Price: $204.00


Wheelchairs: Transport

Lightweight, Foldable; Comes with Carry Case; Weight Limit 250#

Price: $199.00