GENERAL MEDICAL / Examination Equipment

*** Examination Equipment ***

Examination Equipment
Aneroid BP Unit- Wall Mount

Examination Equipment: Aneroid BP Unit- Wall Mount

wall mount manual blood pressure unit

Price: $104.00

Examination Equipment
Diagnostic Wall Unit

Examination Equipment: Diagnostic Wall Unit

Modular Otoscope, Opthalmoscope, BP Unit, Thermometer, Tongue Blade Light

Call For Pricing

Examination Equipment
Exam Light on Wheels

Examination Equipment: Exam Light on Wheels

Gooseneck Lamp on Wheels; 60 Watt Incandescent

Call For Pricing

Examination Equipment
Exam Light- Basic

Examination Equipment: Exam Light- Basic

adjustable gooseneck style lamp

Price: $188.00

Examination Equipment
Oto/Opthalmoscope Desk Set

Examination Equipment: Oto/Opthalmoscope Desk Set

C-handle otoscope and opthalmoscope rechargable desk set

Price: $614.00

Examination Equipment
Riester Stethoscope Cardiology

Examination Equipment: Riester Stethoscope Cardiology

dual head stainless steel chest piece; Comparable to Littman

Price: $119.00

Examination Equipment
U.V. Woods Light

Examination Equipment: U.V. Woods Light

Hand Held Woods Lampw with magnifier

Price: $330.00