*** Chiro Tables ***

Chiro Tables
Winco 8050

Chiro Tables: Winco 8050

Treatment/Chiropractic table with Adjustable face and armrests

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*** Hot/Cold Therapy ***

Hot/Cold Therapy
Chilling Unit 12

Hot/Cold Therapy: Chilling Unit 12

Comes with 12 standard size cold packs

Price: $2,239.00

Hot/Cold Therapy
Chlling Unit 6

Hot/Cold Therapy: Chlling Unit 6

Comes with 6 standard size cold packs

Price: $1,479.00

Hot/Cold Therapy
Cold Pack- Standard

Hot/Cold Therapy: Cold Pack- Standard

Standard Size

Price: $17.00

Hot/Cold Therapy
Hot Pack Cover

Hot/Cold Therapy: Hot Pack Cover

Foam Filled Terry cover- Pocket Style

Price: $18.00

Hot/Cold Therapy
Hot Pack- Standard

Hot/Cold Therapy: Hot Pack- Standard

Standard Size Hot Pack

Price: $14.00

Hot/Cold Therapy
Hydrocollator 12

Hot/Cold Therapy: Hydrocollator 12

Comes with 12 Standard Size Hot Packs

Price: $1,399.00

Hot/Cold Therapy
Hydrocollator 24

Hot/Cold Therapy: Hydrocollator 24

Comes with 24 standard size hot packs

Price: $2,499.00

Hot/Cold Therapy
Side Table Rack

Hot/Cold Therapy: Side Table Rack

attaches to side of hydrocollators or chilling units

Price: $408.00

*** Massage Tables ***

Massage Tables

Massage Tables: Aluminum

Lightweight Sturdy Aluminum Table WITH Facerest and Carry Case. 525 lb weight limit!

Price: $604.00

Massage Tables
Chair Style

Massage Tables: Chair Style

Portable Massage Chair with Carry Case

Price: $499.00

Massage Tables

Massage Tables: Economy

Economical Portable Massage Table

Price: $257.00

*** Therapy Devices ***

Therapy Devices

Therapy Devices: Electrostim/Ultrasound

Combo Unit 4 channels of stimulation with dual frequency ultrasound

Price: $4,007.00

Therapy Devices
Fluidotherapy Single

Therapy Devices: Fluidotherapy Single

Standard Single Extremity Unit

Price: $4,715.00

Therapy Devices
Knee CPM

Therapy Devices: Knee CPM

Continuous Passive Motion for Knee; Adult and Pediatric; Right and Left

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Therapy Devices
Shoulder CPM

Therapy Devices: Shoulder CPM

Continuous Passive Motion Device for Shoulder; Left and Right

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*** Treatment Tables ***

Treatment Tables
Hi Low Table

Treatment Tables: Hi Low Table

Electric Hi Low 3 Section Table

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Treatment Tables
MAT Table

Treatment Tables: MAT Table

Standard Mat Table

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