*** C-Arm Tables ***

C-Arm Tables
Fixed Height Transport

C-Arm Tables: Fixed Height Transport

Fixed Height Radiolucent Top Table; With or Without Side-Rails

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C-Arm Tables
Oakworks CFPM FXH

C-Arm Tables: Oakworks CFPM FXH

C-arm table, pain table, imaging table 37" fixed height diving board style

Price: $5,249.00

C-Arm Tables
Oakworks CFPM400

C-Arm Tables: Oakworks CFPM400

4 Position Radiolucent Table

Price: $12,199.00

*** Radiolucent Positioners ***

Radiolucent Positioners
Articulating Armboard

Radiolucent Positioners: Articulating Armboard

For Use With Radiolucent Tables

Price: $695.00

Radiolucent Positioners

Radiolucent Positioners: Extender

Armboard/Legrest Alternative

Price: $168.00

Radiolucent Positioners
Prone Pillow

Radiolucent Positioners: Prone Pillow

Radiolucent Prone Face Rest with Shoulder Roll Combo

Price: $72.00

Radiolucent Positioners
Prone Platform

Radiolucent Positioners: Prone Platform


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