*** Accessories ***


Accessories: Armboard

24" drop latch armboard- EACH

Price: $185.00

Clark Socket

Accessories: Clark Socket

Stainless Steel Socket for use on North American Siderails; EACH

Price: $98.00

Clark Socket- Flat Blade

Accessories: Clark Socket- Flat Blade

Siderail clamp for flat blade accessories

Price: $63.00

Drainage Bag System

Accessories: Drainage Bag System

Flexible; Collects fluids from Uro and Gyn procedures; Built in clamps connect to side-rails.

Call For Pricing

Drainage Bags

Accessories: Drainage Bags

Case of 20 bags; Specify Sterile or Non-Sterile. Fits Birkova DB-1000 or Urocatcher systems.

Price: $299.00

Headrest with Wristrest

Accessories: Headrest with Wristrest

ENT/Opthalmic Headrest for OR table with Wrist Rest; Convert your standard OR table to an Eye or ENT Table

Call For Pricing

Kickbucket- Stainless Steel

Accessories: Kickbucket- Stainless Steel

NEW- 13Qt with Caster Frame

Price: $199.00

Restraint Strap

Accessories: Restraint Strap

Heavy Duty Restraint Strap with Airplane Buckles

Call For Pricing

Roller Board

Accessories: Roller Board

rolling transfer board

Price: $169.00

Strap- OR Table

Accessories: Strap- OR Table

Surgical Table Strap- 2 piece vinyl and velcro

Price: $55.00

Stress Post

Accessories: Stress Post

Stress Post with Pad

Price: $319.00

Table Width Extender

Accessories: Table Width Extender

OR Table Width Extender; Bariatric Extender

Price: $187.00

*** Blanket & Fluid Wamers ***

Blanket & Fluid Wamers
Counter Top Warmer

Blanket & Fluid Wamers: Counter Top Warmer

36" high counter top height; available with or without glass front door.

Price: $7,183.00

Blanket & Fluid Wamers
Full size Dual Compartment

Blanket & Fluid Wamers: Full size Dual Compartment

NEW blanket/fluid warmer; with or without glass front door

Price: $8,009.00

*** Bovies, ESU ***

Bovies, ESU
Force 2 Electrosurgical Unit

Bovies, ESU: Force 2 Electrosurgical Unit

REFURBISHED; ValleyLab Force 2 ESU Monopolar Footpedal Cart

Price: $3,585.00

Bovies, ESU
Valleylab Force 30

Bovies, ESU: Valleylab Force 30

REFURBISHED; Force 30 Bovie, ESU, Cautery

Call For Pricing

Bovies, ESU
Valleylab Force FX

Bovies, ESU: Valleylab Force FX

REFURBISHED;Force FX electrosurgical unit

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*** Carts/Towers ***

Linvatec Imaging Tower

Carts/Towers: Linvatec Imaging Tower

PRE-OWNED Endoscope/ Imaging /Laparoscopy Cart

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*** Hand Tables ***

Hand Tables
Hourglass- Phenolic

Hand Tables: Hourglass- Phenolic

Radiolucent; Hour Glass shape; Single leg dual foot

Price: $769.00

Hand Tables
No Leg-Free Access

Hand Tables: No Leg-Free Access

Radiolucent; Unrestricted movement around table and c-arm access

Price: $615.00

Hand Tables
Rectangle- Phenolic

Hand Tables: Rectangle- Phenolic

Radiolucent; Rectangle with single leg/double foot

Price: $732.00

*** Instrument/ Back Table ***

Instrument/ Back Table
3' long instrument table

Instrument/ Back Table: 3' long instrument table

3' long by 2' wide by 34" tall

Price: $452.00

Instrument/ Back Table
4' instrument table

Instrument/ Back Table: 4' instrument table

4' long by 2' wide by 34" tall

Price: $525.00

Instrument/ Back Table
5' instrument table

Instrument/ Back Table: 5' instrument table

5' long by 2' wide by 34" tall

Price: $685.00

Instrument/ Back Table
6' instrument table

Instrument/ Back Table: 6' instrument table

6' long by 2' wide by 34" tall

Price: $810.00

*** Lights- Surgical ***

Lights- Surgical
Centurion Excel Minor- Dual

Lights- Surgical: Centurion Excel Minor- Dual

Ceiling Mount Dual Head Minor Surgical Lights

Price: $4,040.00

Lights- Surgical
Floor Stand Light

Lights- Surgical: Floor Stand Light

Portable Operating Light On Wheels

Price: $1,767.00

Lights- Surgical
Floor Stand w/Battery

Lights- Surgical: Floor Stand w/Battery

OR light on floor stand with battery back-up/power source.

Price: $3,069.00

Lights- Surgical
System One

Lights- Surgical: System One

Ceiling Mount OR Lights; Single, Double or Triple Head Configurations

Call For Pricing

*** Mayo Stands ***

Mayo Stands
Center Post, Knob style

Mayo Stands: Center Post, Knob style

NEW- Chrome base, stainless steel tray

Price: $125.00

Mayo Stands
Chrome, Knob Style

Mayo Stands: Chrome, Knob Style

NEW chrome stand, stainless steel tray

Price: $99.00

Mayo Stands
Foot Operated Standard

Mayo Stands: Foot Operated Standard

Foot Operated Stainless Steel Mayo Stand Standard Size Tray (13x19 tray)

Price: $489.00

Mayo Stands
Jumbo Foot Operated

Mayo Stands: Jumbo Foot Operated

Foot Operated Stainless Steel Mayo Stand with Jumbo Tray

Call For Pricing

*** Positioners ***

Arm/Leg Prep Cushion

Positioners: Arm/Leg Prep Cushion

Firm foam;Heavy Duty Vinyl

Price: $148.00

Arthroscopic Well-Leg Pad

Positioners: Arthroscopic Well-Leg Pad

support for non-operative leg

Call For Pricing

Beach Chair Positioner

Positioners: Beach Chair Positioner

Pneumatic Lift Assist Beachchair Orthopedic Positioner; Infinitely adjustable

Price: $6,449.00

Bean Bag Positioner

Positioners: Bean Bag Positioner

heavy duty vinyl with pressure valve

Call For Pricing

Frogger Vein Harvesting

Positioners: Frogger Vein Harvesting

with mounting strap

Call For Pricing

Head Donut

Positioners: Head Donut

Small, Medium, Large (XL available also)

Price: $65.00

Kross Arm Support

Positioners: Kross Arm Support

arm chair, prone, lateral and neuro positioning

Price: $1,580.00

Lateral Brace System

Positioners: Lateral Brace System

Pivot Points, bracing, support

Call For Pricing

Sand Bags

Positioners: Sand Bags

2, 3, 5, 7, 10 lbs

Call For Pricing

Surgery Roll-Long

Positioners: Surgery Roll-Long

6" diameter x 20" long

Price: $98.00

Surgery Roll-Short

Positioners: Surgery Roll-Short

6" diameter x 10" long

Price: $68.00

Uni-Prepper Leg/Arm Prep Unit

Positioners: Uni-Prepper Leg/Arm Prep Unit

comes with pressure management pad

Price: $375.00

*** Smoke Evacuators ***

Smoke Evacuators
Smoke Shark

Smoke Evacuators: Smoke Shark

With 18 hour filter

Price: $1,499.00

*** Stirrups ***

Boot Stirrups

Stirrups: Boot Stirrups

Boot Style Manual Lift Stirrups

Price: $1,028.00

Gel Pad Set- Candy Canes

Stirrups: Gel Pad Set- Candy Canes

Gel post pad with gel ankle straps; Sold as a pair (one set for each stirrup x 2)

Call For Pricing

Knee Crutch

Stirrups: Knee Crutch

clark sockets not included

Price: $1,200.00

Lift Assist Boot Style

Stirrups: Lift Assist Boot Style

Pneumatic lift assist; 120 degree rotation; Easy lifting and positioning!

Price: $5,899.00

Stirrup Post Gel Cushion

Stirrups: Stirrup Post Gel Cushion

Gel cover for candy cane stirrups or posts

Call For Pricing

Stirrups-Candy Cane

Stirrups: Stirrups-Candy Cane

Set of Candy Cane Style Stirrups with cotton foot strap

Price: $296.00

*** Surgeons Stools ***

Surgeons Stools
Basic Stool

Surgeons Stools: Basic Stool

Basic Pneumatic Stool

Price: $101.00

Surgeons Stools
Basic with Backrest

Surgeons Stools: Basic with Backrest

NEW- choice of colors

Price: $126.00

*** Surgical Instruments ***

Surgical Instruments
General Major Set- NEW

Surgical Instruments: General Major Set- NEW

General Major Instrument Set Sterilization Tray sold separately

Price: $2,615.00

Surgical Instruments
General Minor Set- NEW

Surgical Instruments: General Minor Set- NEW

General Minor Instrument Set Sterilization Tray Sold Separately

Price: $2,145.00

Surgical Instruments
Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments: Surgical Instruments

BR Surgical Instruments- GERMAN Instruments; View the Online Catalogs; Call Us For Pricing and Discounts!!

Call For Pricing

*** Tables- Surgical ***

Tables- Surgical
Amsco 2080 Series Table

Tables- Surgical: Amsco 2080 Series Table

REFURBISHED;OR Table Dependable Low Maintenance

Price: $5,100.00

Tables- Surgical
Amsco 3080 Table

Tables- Surgical: Amsco 3080 Table

REFURBISHED; Electric; Radiolucent; Reliable General Procedures Table

Call For Pricing

Tables- Surgical
Amsco 3085SP

Tables- Surgical: Amsco 3085SP

REFURBISHED; Electric; Radiolucent; Reverse Orientation Feature

Price: $29,500.00

Tables- Surgical
ATS Radiolucent

Tables- Surgical: ATS Radiolucent

NEW radiolucent surgical table with horizontal slide and rotation!

Call For Pricing

Tables- Surgical
Replacement Pads

Tables- Surgical: Replacement Pads

Surgical / OR Table replacement pads All makes and models of tables!

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Tables- Surgical
Surgical Tables- Other

Tables- Surgical: Surgical Tables- Other

REFURBISHED! Call us for a quote!

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