GENERAL SURGICAL / Lights- Surgical

System One
SKU: QMESysOneTrio

Lights- Surgical: Model SKU: QMESysOneTrio
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Manufacturers Specification Sheet

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  • Multiple Configurations; 2 or 3 arm. Choose from: 20" light head 16" light head Video Camera


  • Unique curved facial lens design
  • Advanced suspension arm design, providing smooth, extensive coverage
  • Reserve bulb with auto-switchover, in case of primary bulb failure
  • Removable, sterilizable handle
  • Electronic touch controls for on/off and dimming
  • Fully adjustable light pattern


  • Quartz Halogen Bulbs
  • 9500 footcandles (102,000 lux)= 20" head 6700 footcandles (72,000 lux)= 16" head
  • CAMERA: Integral Lens, 27x Optical Zoom, 10x Digital Zoom, ¼” CCD, Resolution of 537 X 505 NTSC, 537 X 597 PAL, Removable sterilizable handle; Camera Control Box for Zoom and Manual focus control

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