GENERAL SURGICAL / Lights- Surgical

Centurion Excel Minor- Dual
SKU: QMECentexcDuo

Lights- Surgical: Model SKU: QMECentexcDuo
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  • Excellent lights for outpatient surgery or clinic use!


  • Prefocused 6"(150mm) spot, at 1 meter distance
  • 16"(406 mm) diameter, multi-faceted reflector for excellent shadow control
  • IR absorbing, color-correcting glass cylinder
  • Standard removeable, sterilizable handle Additional positioning handle on perimeter of light head Removable, sterilizable handle


  • 6000 foot candles (64,500 lux)
  • 90 watt halogen bulb
  • 28" (711 mm) articulating arm with integral compression spring 23" extension arm Lamp head and arm both rotate 540 degrees

Price: $4,040.00