Winco 6570XL
SKU: qme6570XL

Recliners: Model SKU: qme6570XL
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Manufacturers Specification Sheet

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  • Dual drop-arms help make maneuvering your patients easier and less stressful - for both you and them!


  • One-Touch Release for Drop-Arms
  • Your choice of colors in heavy-duty, easy to clean vinyl
  • Standard Trendelenberg Release on Back with Easy-Access Handle, Webbed Elastic and an Open Seat Base Provide Superior Comfort and Support, Non-Porous, Fold-Down Side Trays Contain Small Spills (Standard on Both Sides, Removable Side-Panels for Easy Cleaning and Maintenance.
  • High-Impact, Nylon, 5” (12.7cm) Casters Directional-Lock in Left Rear. (All others are Total-Lock.)


  • Weight Limit: 450 lbs.
  • Seat Height: 21" (53.5cm) Seat Width: 25" (64cm) Overall Height: 49" (125cm) Overall Width (tray down): 36" (91.4cm) Back Height: 31.5" (80cm) Seat Depth: 20" (50.8cm)

Price: $1,325.00